What is Smartlink in CPA?

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What is SmartLink in CPA?

With the rise of big data and the power of algorithms, a new form of an affiliate link has emerged in the space, Known as CPA SmartLink. If you’re currently running an affiliate marketing campaign where you’re struggling to monetize a portion of your traffic, SmartLinks may be the answer. Normally Networks offer several offers combined within a SmartLink. Then that SmartLink works with AI and so on to make it a more efficient tool of marketing. It makes promoting offers almost effortless. Todays affiliate marketers love to work with SmartLink as they are most convenient way to make most out of affiliates traffic.

What is Smartlink offer?

When traffic is sent to a SmartLink, the offers to which the user will be redirected are rotating in the background. In other words, there’s only one link a user can click on, but there are a few different destinations (offers) it can take them to

How do I promote my Smart Link?

You can create landing pages & Insert Your SmartLink which is directing to for various GEOs, then make a general-purpose lander or banner ad that aligns with those landing pages. You can also use push traffic, native ads >How do You Use Them? You can use SmartLinks just like you would use direct linking. Simply generate your link and use this in your campaigns and SmartLink will do all the rest of the work for you. This can also be a great way to test traffic sources and monetize your remnant traffic. This is the part of the traffic that you haven’t specifically targeted for your offer. Or, if you prefer, you can simply use the SmartLink to optimize all of your traffic on a per-click basis. However, if you choose to go down this route you won’t have as much control over what offers are being shown. You’ll also find that as offers are frequently swapped out, you’re ROI could fluctuate by a fairly wide margin. This is because different offers have different payouts. You also need to be careful with SmartLinks as their choice of landers can be quite aggressive. This can lead to your campaign getting rejected due to non-compliance as forbidden landers and offers that you have no control over could be shown to users through no fault of your own. One of the appeals of SmartLinks is that they usually have cheaper bids and less competition. This is because you are not bidding exclusively on one specific traffic segment. This is great for finding gold in different traffic sources. Remember though that you won’t always convert this traffic source at the same rate, so you will still want to have your winning offers in-play alongside your SmartLink campaigns.

Can I Choose My Offers?

While you don’t choose your offers when using SmartLinks you can find traffic that is converting well. This is useful when you don’t have an offer for all your traffic types or want to find out which segment converts the best. You can always then ask your AM which offers they have which are converting well for that particular traffic profile. Once you know this you can use that offer in your campaign for more consistent profits. Another way you can use SmartLinks is to monetize the traffic in low-performing segments. Then, set up a campaign running against your SmartLink and monitor which converts the best. Note: Some offers are only available for use with SmartLinks. You can always check with your AM to find out if this is the case in the segment you are targeting.

Can I Make Money with SmartLinks?

While SmartLinks is an amazing tool for affiliates they’re not an instant win button for making money. They can be used to find the best performing offer for any GEO, lander, and offer combination. However, for long-term success, you should be using Smartlinks strategically. Smartlinks work by finding the best offer for your traffic segment. While they can boost your conversions it’s better to view them as a tool you can use and not just a simple fire-and-forget method to making profits. Most affiliates would typically use SmartLinks in connection with a pre-determined strategy. Such as a safety net for capped offers, Using a back button redirect script, or second chance offers.

How do I Set Them Up?

Creating your very first SmartLink on TopClientOffer is easy. At first, You need to login into your account and click the SmartLinks link from the Affiliate Network dropdown menu. Next, choose your vertical: Mainstream, Push, Adult, or Mainstream Middle East PIN/SMS flow, depending on your traffic source. You’ll then see the option to activate your SmartLink. Make sure you read and agree to the rules first as illegal traffic could result in non-payment. Your SmartLink is now ready for use. SmartLinks are compatible with Postbank URL, APK offers, Auto Download Offers, and Back Offers. You can additionally use sub ids to track your link performance from various placements and use these in your tracker.